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Hull's Castle Street Footbridge work well underway

On my daily commute across from the east of the city to the west I feel the strain on the local road network by the daily ferry offload, just in time for the morning rush. It's always something that's puzzled me, why not delay unloading of thw ferries until beyond 9am when the heaviest of the traffic is moved on? It's probably not as simple as that but since the Castle Street footbridge works commenced it's got a lot worse! Anyway I'm not here to bemoan the City traffic situation, I took the opportunity to grab a few images of the footbridge works across to the marina and fruit market areas, which are most definitely parts of the city on their way up. Phase one of the new housing development is taking shape and the recently transformed Humber Street is looking in great shape with the addition of some new eateries and bars it's almost heading back to the 'glory' days of Bank Holiday Monday madness on the marina.

Once the footbridge works are complete it will provide a far more efficient and safer way to cross the busy A63 castle Street and also hopefully ease the stop start flow of traffic on this busy artery in Hull.

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