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Images of Hull

Images of hull is a dedication to my home town. I'm Neil Nicklin and I shoot across the genres in photography but mostly find myself drawn to landscapes and architecture. Images of Hull will show the beauty of this fine City, highlighting the obvious and sometimes hidden jewels of Kingston Upon Hull.


Hull is my birthplace and somewhere I'm deeply proud of. It's strange because us locals usually enjoy nothing more than moaning about how bad Hull is yet we won't have a bad word spoken about it by an outsider. Hull or Kingston Upon Hull to name the official city title has come in for a rough ride over the years and once featured at Number one spot in the book the UK's crappest towns, Hull is really a phoenix rising in the present day, being named the UK City of Culture 2017 will give us a chance to shine in front of a national audience. Maybe those that once put Hull down will realise what us locals have known forever. People visit Hull and never leave, their opinions change as they discover what it's like to belong to this edge of the world place.

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