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Made In Hull - A look back at some incredible visuals.

Hull City of Culture started with a bang, literally! A fantastic firework display over the River Humber marked the beginning of Hull's year in focus and also began the week long Made In Hull Light show. The lightshow was seen by hundreds of thousands of people that came from far and wide, young and old was an incredible, beautiful piece of work by Zsolt Balogh. Watching the film was a real rollercoaster of emotions and took one on a journey through Hull's recent history, from the lows of the blitz and the triple trawler tragedy to the highs of Deano's winning goal at Wembley and the joyfully colourful Hull Fair. A brilliant start to the celebrations and one that declared Hull open to the masses yet giving something to the people at the same time. The striking thing for me was the sense of togetherness I felt whilst walking around photographing the event. The smiles, the laughs, people cuddling, holding hands and genuinely enjoying the cultural offerings was something I hadn't experienced in Hull in a long time. The feel good factor is running through the city and long may it continue.

The projected visuals in Queen Victoria Square we're no doubt in my mind the absolute star of the show and the following are some of my more favourable images from the event.

All images are available for purchase in most formats including digital files, prints, framed prints, Canvases etc. Just visit the contact page for more information.

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